Please be patient while I make the transition from agency to gallery representation. For many years my brother Carlos and I were represented by an agent who procured for us plenty of work. My focus now is to be engaged at the local level where I live. Right here in Saint Louis. With that in mind, I have joined the saint Louis Art Guild and the Missouri Plein Air Artists Association.

Nationally, I am an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America, and have several things in the works with a few nationally reputable artist’s organizations as well as local and national representation with art galleries. As these relationships become a reality, I will publish them on my site and social media outlets.

In the meantime, I am fully engaged in producing artwork on a daily basis. No words describe my estate of mind, more than those of Vincent Van Gogh when he said: “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”